Innovation by the Numbers

The Innovation Exchange is the go to hub for innovation, funding, and connecting experts with innovators. This provides insight in to innovation and development efforts. Find key statistics below on what's happening on the Exchange.

5,729 Innovations created in 148 countries and implemented in 188 countries across 217 sectors and sub sectors.

Top Innovator Needs

Measured by the number of innovations requiring these skills.

1,719 Share your thoughts
916 Connect us with funding and resources
211 Provide resources, best practices, tool kits, research, data, etc
167 Become a partner
153 Test our innovation and provide feedback
150 Advised by the Exchange
105 Help with the marketing and socialization of the Exchange
102 Participate with research or a study
100 Help us evaluate our impact
98 Assistance with the Press

Top Sectors by Innovation

Measured by the number of innovations by sector.

2,464 Health
1,220 Education
968 Digital Development & Enabling Technologies
964 Prevention & Vaccination
943 Agriculture
887 Infectious & Vector Diseases
673 Medical Devices & Technology
596 Health Promotion
575 Economic Growth and Trade
564 Energy
955 Funding Opportunities available from over 144 funding organizations and individual donors.

Top Sectors

Measured in millions of dollars.

$532.9M Health
$307.6M Prevention & Vaccination
$283.9M Health Promotion
$274.8M eHealth and Health Systems & Finance
$235M Medical Devices & Technology
$151.7M Economic Growth and Trade
$126.3M Other
$118.4M Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance
$108.9M Education
$106.8M Agriculture
20,266 collaborators, offering 28,688 skills to innovators to help them change the world.

Latest User Activity

Top Skills

Top skills being offered by Exchange members.

1,434 Lead or participate with a local innovation group near you
1,415 Participate with research or a study
1,334 Provide feedback on an innovation
1,329 Share resources, best practices, tool kits, research, data, etc
1,261 Join an innovation team
1,199 Be the Exchange Point of Contact for your innovation
1,177 Be listed in a speakers bureau when event planners are looking for great speakers around innovation and development
1,072 Evaluate/Review an innovation
1,060 Be a mentor
1,010 Test an innovation and provide feedback
955 Organize a event at your organization, work, school
916 Serve on a board of directors
907 Serve on the advisory group of the Exchange
906 Speak and be refereed to the press
885 Help amplify calls to action, and other cool activities via your social network
844 Share my knowledge of the market
807 Be on call to assist with a global emergency
776 Training

Top Sectors

Top sectors by Exchange member interests

2,018 Education
1,986 Economic Growth and Trade
1,673 Environment
1,564 Health
1,507 Agriculture
1,436 Digital Development & Enabling Technologies
1,398 Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance
1,204 Energy
1,052 Gender
1,004 Youth

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Top Regions

Exchange members by region

1,315 Africa
772 Latin America / Caribbean
764 North America
748 Asia and Pacific
429 Europe and Eurasia
308 Middle East
178 Indonesia