About the Exchange

Smarter Fundraising, More Innovation, Bigger Impact

The Global Innovation Exchange connections social entrepreneurs and funders with the funding opportunities and insights they need to make better, faster funding decisions and have more impact. 

The Exchange was co-created with over 100 international organizations from across government, business, academia and civil society who wanted to help tackle the following challenges together:

  • How do we ensure the best ideas are getting the right resources?
  • How do we ensure that anyone with a good idea can contribute to international development?
  • How do we make it easier to access the resources available?
  • How can we better connect the supply of solutions with the actual demand for them?
  • How can we reduce the duplication of innovations in development?
  • How do we rapidly expand the most successful innovations and bring them around the world?

The Exchange is also designed to support complementary initiatives around the world including the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, innovation challenges, and innovation initiatives with donors, NGOs, governments, and the private sector. We work collaboratively with other platforms and organizations to amplify and connect their work with the world.

What We Stand For

Members of the Global Innovation Exchange believe in modernizing the international development industry through a platform that connects us, and allows each person to contribute to the innovation ecosystem that is helping us tackle the world’s biggest challenges—better, smarter, faster and more efficiently.

Our Goals

  • Modernize international development. Knowing that a breakthrough idea can come from anyone, anywhere, the Exchange aims to democratize development. The Exchange is an open platform that is available to everyone.
  • Connect Global Resources. We can only benefit from greater sharing, learning and coordination. The Exchange is not a replacement for all of the great sites and work across development, in fact you will find many links and information to those great sites! The Exchange acts as a clearinghouse so that information can be easier to find. We want to highlight the great programs, activities, organizations, innovations and conversations that are already occurring and engage more people with them.
  • Accelerate innovation. By connecting innovators with resources more efficiently, we can more quickly test and spread solutions to get them into the communities that need them most.

How it Works

Use the Exchange to find, share and help breakthrough innovations; search for funding; connect with other resources to test and scale innovations; and stay on top of the latest trends in development innovation.

Get Started

We believe that each person has the power to change the world. Create a profile to see how the Exchange can help you get started.

Interns: Are you interested in interning with the Exchange? 

While these internships are not paid they are amazing opportunities to be a part of something game-changing. You can intern remotely or with us in Washington DC if you are in the area. If you are interested in interning please send your resume and a cover letter explaining why you are interested in being an Exchange intern and feel like you would be a good fit to: info@globalinnovationexchange.com Interns are selected based on fit, appropriateness, experience, enthusiasm as well as current managerial capacity on the Exchange team to effectively manage our interns. 

Legal Disclaimer

The partners and sponsors of the Global Innovation Exchange ("Exchange") make no warranties or representations and do not endorse, recommend, or confirm any information or statements made on this Exchange. The Exchange is an open and free market of ideas and information, and information contained on the Exchange does not necessarily reflect the views of the partners or sponsors of the Exchange. Participants and readers of the Exchange should conduct appropriate due diligence when considering information, innovations, and other resources found on the Exchange.